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5 inflation myths

One of our courses that has proven to be popular in the last few years involves the topic of inflation.  This short note looks at some of the preconceptions that surround the topic.   Inflation – everybody knows what it is! One of the first things that is asked in the course is what is meant by the term ‘inflation’.  One of the observations from the front of the class is that once you get 15 smart Read More
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Option valuation toolkit

The website now has a simple option pricing tool available free of charge.  The option pricer can be found on the following hyperlink: Users will be able to change the basic parameters of the option to see how its value will change.  The tool also has a graphical representation of the option's value both prior to and at maturity.  There is also a seperate graph Read More
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Teaching ethics to bankers - an oxymoron?

One of our most popular courses offered over the last year has been around the subject of ‘banker conduct’.  When we were first approached it appeared to be a request to do some compliance training.  However, on reflection it was more about business judgement.  The cases that we designed rarely had a simple YES / NO answer and raised the issue about what do you do when the rules can’t help you?  To Read More
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Case study: connecting students with industry - can you benefit?

I remember the spring of 1984, as I was about to finish my MBA in Toronto. It was then I met the most important person at the business school. She was not the Dean nor a professor, she was the Head of student placements. She was passionate about her job and for motivated students she would work endlessly to help them find a job on graduation; she knew how important that "first step" was to get someone on a good career path. Read More
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What our clients say...

It was really interactive, with problem solving exercises which I really enjoyed

The trainer was very knowledgeable in the subject and made the course interesting

All of the course was enlightening. I liked having to apply what we were taught to different scenarios

Good class interaction as well being able to cope with different levels of experience

The case studies presented were a very useful aid to understanding the material

One highlight of the course was being able to listen to other people's explanations of the material from first hand experience

Excellent explanations and content for the areas covered

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