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The word education is derived from the Latin educere. Although there are different interpretations, we at Financial Markets Training prefer the sense that education is a process “to draw out”. This goes against the expectation that training is simply lecturing – this is the traditional view that if you pour more content into people, verbally or electronically, they will improve.

We provide various training:

Commodity Derivatives

Corporate Finance

Credit Derivatives

Equity Derivatives

Fixed Income Derivatives

Foreign Exchange Derivatives

Financial Markets Securities Operations

Investment Management

Although some marketing pitches may focus exclusively on the trainer and his / her previous experience, our approach puts the learner of the centre of each class.

It is common to see many training providers argue that their sessions are ‘interactive’ whereas in reality this is nothing more than a soundbite with no real backing; often students experience a session that is heavily lecture-based.


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What our clients think?

FMT makes extensive use of ‘peer instruction’ as part of the learning process.  This method involves some element of information transfer by means of lecture but then the student is required to answer a concept question which will allow them to determine if they have truly understood how to apply the information presented.  The basic approach is as follows: 

  • Subject matter is introduced.
  • A concept question is posed.
  • Participants are given time to think.
  • Participants record their individual answers (anonymously).
  • When there is evidence of misunderstanding in the room, participants discuss the question with a neighbour.
  • Participants record a revised answer.
  • Tutor explains the correct answer.

FMT uses educational software which goes beyond the traditional ‘polling’ functionality that is used in online meetings.

The software allows for 16 different question types that include:

  • Sketching diagrams
  • Mathematical expressions
  • Text highlighting
  • Long answer
  • Short answer
  • Many choice
  • Matching
  • Multiple choice
  • Numerical
  • Priority
  • Ranking
  • Region
  • Word cloud

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