Many people in the market, or even the general public, will have heard of bonds, equities, foreign exchange and other traded contracts.

But less well known, but of equal importance, is the market infrastructure and operational procedures that keep all markets functioning.  Whether in old paper-based markets, computer trading of securities or in future FinTech settings, the operations and “plumbing” of the market underpin all we do.

The course does not assume any prior study or work experience other than a basic knowledge of mathematics.

For those without a financial markets background, the course book will allow candidates to acquire that knowledge directly.

The training course is intended to provide ‘breadth of knowledge’ to make it relevant to people pursuing careers in the middle office and operations areas.

Although not a formal pre-requisite, it would provide useful background study for those taking any other FMT courses.

The course places an even emphasis on introducing and explaining the key concepts and then developing practical knowledge and skills of each subject area.