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Equity Derivatives: Corporate and Institutional Applications

23 January 2017

FMT is delighted to announce the publication of a new text by one of the company's principals Neil C. Schofield.  "Equity Derivatives: Corporate and Institutional Applications" is a brand new text that covers the majority of equity derivative products traded in today's market place.  One of the features of the book that makes it stand out is the breadth of coverage.  Traditionally, any reader buying a book on this subject would be presented with a fairly limited set of topics such as equity futures and equity options.  This book brings together the most commonly traded products in a single text.  The topics covered are:

  • Cash equities
  • Equity futures
  • Equity swaps
  • Vanilla and exotic options
  • Dividend futures and options
  • Structured products
  • Volatility and variance structures
  • Correlation and covariance structures

The book outlines the main features of the products, how they are valued and the associated risk management issues.  

The book is available to purchase from or

The official book description: 

"This book provides thorough coverage of the institutional applications of equity derivatives. It starts with an introduction on stock markets' fundamentals before opening the gate on the world of structured products. Delta-one products and options are covered in detail, providing readers with deep understanding of the use of equity derivatives strategies. The book features most of the traded payoffs and structures and covers all practical aspects of pricing and hedging. The treatment of risks is performed in a very intuitive fashion and provides the reader with a great overview of how dealers approach such derivatives. The author also delivers various common sensical reasons on which models to use and when.

By discussing equity derivatives in a practical, non–mathematical and highly intuitive setting, this book enables practitioners to fully understand and correctly structure, price and hedge these products effectively, and stand strong as the only book in its class to make these equity-related concepts truly accessible"

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It was really interactive, with problem solving exercises which I really enjoyed

The trainer was very knowledgeable in the subject and made the course interesting

All of the course was enlightening. I liked having to apply what we were taught to different scenarios

Good class interaction as well being able to cope with different levels of experience

The case studies presented were a very useful aid to understanding the material

One highlight of the course was being able to listen to other people's explanations of the material from first hand experience

Excellent explanations and content for the areas covered

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