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Corporate Finance - Shanghai Evans Investment Management Limited

SEIML is a specialist corporate finance firm providing foreign SMEs and corporates with direct access to China's capital markets through a regulated exchange. We also provide a new asset class for domestic institutional investors that is overlayed with a very high level of corporate governance. 

SEIML’ s Service Offering:

1. Listing On-Exchange

2. Financial Analysis and Valuation

3. Capital Raising

As part of a broader business platform, SEIML and its partners can assist foreign SMEs and corporates in all aspects of finance and administration. We provide a ‘soft-landing’ for firms entering the China market and also assist foreign firms already set-up here.

SEIML is a diverse group of individuals with significant international and China experience in financial markets, company formation and business management. We are a multilingual company: Mandarin, English, French, Punjabi and Urdu.

What our clients say...

It was really interactive, with problem solving exercises which I really enjoyed

The trainer was very knowledgeable in the subject and made the course interesting

All of the course was enlightening. I liked having to apply what we were taught to different scenarios

Good class interaction as well being able to cope with different levels of experience

The case studies presented were a very useful aid to understanding the material

One highlight of the course was being able to listen to other people's explanations of the material from first hand experience

Excellent explanations and content for the areas covered

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