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Commodity basket options - Understanding commodity correlations

Commodity solutions are often structured using correlation-dependent options. Let's say a car producer wishes to hedge their copper and aluminium costs using a single option.

They enter into a 3-month equally weighted basket option. With the 3 month prices of CU and AL being $9,000 and $2,500 respectively, the strike price of an ATM basket call option would be $5,750 (($9,000 + $2,500) / 2).

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An A to Z of finance

Following a series of posts on LinkedIn, we have been able to compile a document that comprises of a series of short pieces on various financial topics.   They have been organised alphabetically and can be downloaded here for Read More

Understanding inflation breakevens

Inflation breakevens Introduction The Fisher equation is a way of decomposing a nominal yield into three components: Real yields Inflation expectations Inflation risk premium It is expressed as: (1 + nominal rate) = (1 + real rate) (1+ inflation expectations) (1+ inflation risk premium) It is common for practitioners to combine the last two elements into one component and refer to it as the Read More
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Floating Rate Notes - The Full Monty

Understanding Arsenal’s Floating Rate Note Gerald: All I want to do is get you in a straight bloody line! What do I have to do? Horse: Well it’s the Arsenal offside trap isn’t it? Gerald: You what? Horse: The Arsenal offside trap!  Lomper here is Tony Adams, right? Any bugger looks like scoring we all step forward in a line and waive our arms around like a fairy! The ‘Full Monty” Read More
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It was really interactive, with problem solving exercises which I really enjoyed

The trainer was very knowledgeable in the subject and made the course interesting

All of the course was enlightening. I liked having to apply what we were taught to different scenarios

Good class interaction as well being able to cope with different levels of experience

The case studies presented were a very useful aid to understanding the material

One highlight of the course was being able to listen to other people's explanations of the material from first hand experience

Excellent explanations and content for the areas covered

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